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Our Tentless Termite System™ is remarkable in its ability to handle spot treatments. This appeals to the consumer in a variety of ways, but one of the most significant is the additional savings that come from not having to vacate their home for an extended period of time. The following chart provides a moderate approximation of the extra costs that come with treatment methods that require the resident to leave the premises.

Additional Cost Factors Estimated Cost for Two Days of Inconvenience
Lodging $120
Pet Boarding $50
Cost to Replace Discarded Goods $50
Dining Expenses $80
Lost Wages due to Preparation $150
Total Approximate Expenses for 2 Days $450

Combine these estimated daily costs with the possibilities of roof damage, landscape and plant damage, and additional cleaning and storage costs, and the consumer is faced with a rather large additional economic burden.

HOWEVER, this burden is nonexistent to the resident if the structure is treated with our Tentless Termite System™.

BENEFITS of the Tentless Termite System™
► No need to move out.
► No need to clean up afterwards.
► No poisonous gases are used.
► It’s discreet. The neighbors will never know.
► Written warranty.
► It Works!

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