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Over 200 flies found in local Domino’s   arrow

Flies have proven themselves to be quite the problem in recent weeks for South Florida kitchens. Records show that more than two hundred flies were found in a Domino’s restaurant in Coral Springs and more than forty were seen at Gelato Gourmet in Weston. A roach issue was also found in the La Concha hotel on Duval Street.

All the places ordered shut down were allowed to reopen following an ordered cleanup and re-inspection.

Starting off is the Gelato Gourmet. The report reads as followed. “Live, small flying insects in kitchen, food prep area, or food storage area. Twelve live flies on wall next to ice cream cups in front counter, five live flies on lid of blinder in front counter, four live near trash can in front counter, five live on window in back room prep area, more than ten inside dry storage room. More than five in single service storage room. More than ten live flies in prep area. Landing on wall and prep table. Advised cook to sanitize table when observing flies landing.”

Possibly the worst offender is the Domino’s on W. Atlantic Blvd. in Coral Springs. Their report is as follows. “Live, small flying insects in kitchen, food prep area, and food storage area. Observed approximately one hundred and forty six small flies on walls, ceiling, paper towels and dispenser, and food containers in the ware washing area at tripple sink. Observed approximately sixty nine small flies in dry storage area, on cardboard boxes, on ceiling, and on walls near cases on soda in dry storage room. Observed one fly on wall near pizza cooler in front preparation area and one fly on ceiling above pizza boxes at front counter area.”

“Hand wash sink not accessible for employee use due to items stored in the isnk. Observed at hand wash sink next to tripple sink, metal pans and utensils are stored on top of sink and blue rag is stored inside of this hand wash sink.”

And finally we have the Crowne Plaza La Concha hotel in Key West, with twenty two violations found. “Roach activity present as evidenced by live roaches found. Approximately ten live roaches, five live roaches crawling on wall in the dish machine area located in the kitchen, five live roaches crawling on the floor under the tripple sink located in the kitchen.”

“Dead roaches on premises. Approximately five dead roaches located in the light shields above the dish machine area.”

“Interior of oven has heavy accumulation of black substance/grease/food debris”