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Bed bugs are everywhere these days. Our homes and even upscale hotels are prone to an infestation of the blood sucking pests.  As a result, if you travel for business or for pleasure there is a chance you may bring these creatures home with you. But don’t worry, there are things you can do to reduce your risk of carrying bed bugs from the hotel to your home.

Once you enter your hotel room, the first thing you should do is place your luggage in the middle of the room. Make sure your luggage, laptop bag or purse is not touching any of the furniture or drapes until you have had the opportunity to inspect the room for infesting bed bugs. This will ensure that these pests are not making it into your belongings. Immediately, begin to remove the comforter and sheets from the bed. Look for small dark bugs, cluster of light brown substance (eggs and skin) and blood spots. Lift the mattress and look on the top and bottom paying close attention to buttons or folds of the mattress. Repeat the process for the box spring, headboard and behind any pictures hanging on the wall.

Once your inspection of the bed area has been completed, move on to the night stands and dresser. If possible remove the drawers so you may look into the crevices where bed bugs will hide. Be sure to look at the underside of the furniture to ensure bed bugs are not hiding. Repeat the process for all chairs and couches making sure to remove cushions so you can inspect thoroughly. At this point you are nearly finished, but not as of yet. The drapes and generally overlooked during a bed bug inspection. Inspect all of the curtains, including all folds. The tighter the space, the more these pests like to hide in it.

You may be wondering, now that the inspection has been completed what the next step will be. Well, if you found nothing feel free put the room back together and put your belongings away. If you find bed bugs nesting in your hotel room, leave the room immediately, inform the front desk and request a different room. Repeat the process in the new room to ensure it is bed bug free.

Well, you currently have the skills required to reduce your likelihood of bringing bed bugs home from a hotel.  As a result, you can travel with confidence.  Just remember to inspect the entire room prior to your luggage, laptop bag or purse touching the furniture or drapes. Additionally, always be sure to report all bed bug findings to the hotel staff so future infestations can be avoided.