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Carpenter Ants



Carpenter ants live both inside and outside mostly in moist decaying or hollowed out wood. These ants will nest near windows, roof eaves, tree stumps, behind old palm fronds, holes in trees, voids, etc.They prefer to nest in areas that get routine moisture.

Contrary to popular belief, these ants do not sting. However, they have been known to bite to protect their nest. Also, in Florida, they are not considered a Wood Destroying Organism.


The Florida Carpenter is generally nocturnal in nature. Their busiest foraging times are just before sunset and just before sunrise.  If the ants are seen during the day it will usually be for 2 reasons. First, the nest is disturbed so the nest is being moved. This is easily noticeable by the cocoons the ants are carrying. Second, these ants are active during the day because the nest is too large to feed at night.  So, they must forage for food all day long.

These ants will trail to a structure from wire/cables that are touching it. Also, they will use any trees or plants as a bridge to and from the building.


These ants are attracted to sweets. They will forage to spilled soda, candy left behind, or any other sweet foods. Also, they are fond of sweet floral nectar and honeydews produced by sucking insects, such as aphids.

Carpenter ants will also seek out other insects, both living and dead, for food.