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Twice a year (like clockwork), swarms of weird little black and orange bugs descend upon Florida – in May and September – and cause all kinds of headache and hassle during their short stay.

Sometimes known as March flies, the Florida love bug is a nasty little critter that is practically harmless – unless of course you fly into a fit of rage every single time you have to deal with a swarm of them buzzing around.

If you’ve always wondered what exactly these flying little insects were, where they come from, and why they show up in the first place – not to mention how to get rid of them when they do – you’re going to want to pay close attention to all of the insider information included below.

Few people are enamored with the Florida love bug, and most would like to have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with anymore. But (as mentioned above) twice a year you’re going to have to grin and bear a visit from them – but it’s going to be a lot easier once you have the information we break down in this quick guide.

The legend of the Florida love bug

If you’ve never been to Florida in March or September when the love bugs really start to get cranking, you might not have heard the local legends about the origins of this nasty little insect – and why Florida seems to be the only place infested with them.

According to a lot of longtime Florida residents (especially those that are prone to telling tall tales to travelers and tourists), the Florida love bug is not a natural creation but instead a science experiment gone wrong.

In fact, recent polls done by a handful of newspapers all up and down the state of Florida have proven a significant portion of people here in Florida actually believe that the University of Florida was fooling around with genetic experimentation on different bugs and different insects to try to create a mosquito control solution – but they ended up with the love bugs instead.

Truthfully though, the Florida love bug isn’t some kind of mass conspiracy by the academic elite or some evil scientist’s plan gone wrong. Instead, the truth behind the Florida love bugs and where they come from is pretty plain, very ordinary, and not all that exciting – unless you’re really, really in two insects!

These bugs are native to areas in Central America, and probably were inadvertently transported here on ships that were carrying cargo from the region. Deciding to take a bit of a vacation in the hot, humid, and very friendly to insects climate that Florida enjoys, the Florida love bugs (like a lot of other people) decided to stick around for a while longer – and that’s why they are here now!

What exactly are love bugs good for, anyways?

Though they are next to useless (unless you were planning on repainting your vehicle anyway, as their proteins and fats actually eat automobile paint as their bodies break down), scientists have actually proven that when they die on the ground – and when their eggs hatch on vegetation – they help to fertilize the soil, helping dying plants get back up on their feet in some of the hotter times of the year.

How to get rid of love bugs that are causing you grief

Honestly, it’s next to impossible to get rid of Florida love bugs when they are in full swing.

There are just so many of them during those two blocks of time in March and September that you’re going to fight a losing battle every single time. It’s better if you can just kind of unjust to the fact that they are going to come visiting, and then clean up the damage they’ve created after they disappear again!


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