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As heard on the Jack Harris and Ted Webb Show

Benefits to our System:

  • No Need to Move Out
  • No Need to Disrupt Your Busy Schedule
  • No Poisonous Gases are Used
  • No Need to Bag or Remove Food, Medicine, etc
  • No need to clean walls, floors, and dishes after treatment
  • No Need to Board Your Pets
  • Guaranteed Termite Warranty in Writing
  • It’s Discreet; Your Neighbors will Never Know Your House/Business is Being Treated


Our Trained Service Technicians inspect your home or businesses looking for the obvious signs the drywood termites leave behind. These signs include: Fecal Pellets, Bodies, Wings, Damage, and Holes.

To control Drywood Termites our technicians use XT-2000, an oil known as d-Limonene. D-Limonene is an essential citrus oil derived from oranges; it is injected into termite infested areas and penetrates wood through capillary action to kill termites and their eggs on contact.  D-Limonene is not a new product, in the 1950’s it had been recognized by the EPA as an effective pesticide.

Once treated, your structure will be placed under a one year warranty. When and if these termites comeback, so will we for one full year from the initial treatment at no additional cost to you.