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10 Ways to Prevent Termites   arrow

“10 Ways to Prevent Subterranean  Termites”


1)    Keep mulch 18″ away from the house.

2)    Trim bushes and trees 18″ from the house.

3)    Repair faulty gutters.

4)    Seal all exterior crevices with caulk and/or expandable foam.

5)    If stucco extends below the ground, cut 4-6″ above soil line.

6)    Keep wooden fences 4-6″ above the soil line.

7)    All cellulose material should not contact the soil.

8)    Repair leaky spigots.

9)    Verify that all exterior wood has either a good coat of paint or water seal.

10)   Call Earth’s Best to provide a termite protection service.