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* Our method of pest control is based on “Integrated Pest Management” also referred to as “IPM”, which is a highly effective approach to insect control that relies on a combination of common sense practices.

* IPM, the effective methodology employed by Earth’s Best, relies on physical, natural pest control products; knowledge of the life cycle of insects; their harborage areas; conditions that lead to infestations; and habitat modification techniques.  IPM is a problem-solving approach to pest management where the focus of treatment is on the cause of the infestation.

* Understanding pest needs is essential in the proper implementation of IPM.  Pests seek habitats that provide basic needs such as food, water, and shelter.  Insect populations can be prevented and controlled by creating inhospitable environments by removing some of the basic elements pests need to survive, or blocking their access into buildings.

* Our technicians at Earth’s Best are specialists in their understanding of the local insect varieties, their habits, and needs.  Once identified, we can efficiently eradicate pest problems utilizing IPM and begin a program of prevention.  Continued monitoring by our technicians is also an important part of the IPM process.

* At Earth’s Best we do all this without smelly, monthly spraying.  We handle insect problems in a purely professional manner with the consistent use of IPM in your house or place of business.  We guarantee the effectiveness of our Organic Pest Control methodology.  It is not bothersome to people or pets, and it WORKS!

* Our Natural Pest Control Service, known as The General Pest Management Program, includes Wolf Spiders, Ants, Silverfish, Millipedes, Stored Product Pests and Roaches.

* Our Technicians will focus the treatment to insect nesting areas: Attic, Crevices, Moisture Areas, Crawlspace and provide a two foot perimeter barrier application.