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Ants. Termites. Roaches. Scorpions. Silverfish. Bees. Rats. Mice.

If you live anywhere in southwestern Florida, you’re all too familiar with these bugs and pests – and the difficult task of controlling them.

The good news for residents of Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice, and all of Sarasota and Manatee Counties, is that the experienced professionals of Earth’s Best Natural Pest Management are now available to help. Earth’s Best, the first and original “Orange Oil” company, has been acclaimed for its environmentally-friendly pest control services in the Tampa Bay area for more than 20 years. Now, we have expanded to serve several other parts of Florida, including Greater Sarasota.

We know there are numerous companies in the region providing what appear to be similar services. All too often, though, these “pest control companies” just make a quick stop at your house or business, spray some chemicals (which may be dangerous to kids, pets and the environment), and leave. Their treatments might work for a little while; more often, the pests and bugs keep coming back. Either way, they’re no match for the safe, natural pest control Earth’s Best has made famous.

The Earth’s Best Organic Difference
We don’t believe in toxic chemicals. We do believe in pest solutions which are natural and environmentally-responsible. These organic treatments are not only “the right thing to do,” our decades of experience have shown that natural, cutting-edge pest treatments are actually more effective than traditional, poisonous chemicals.

Here’s the secret to the Earth’s Best difference: concentrated citric acid, the base ingredient in the famous “Orange Oil” insecticide we’ve used since the 1990s. There are no chemicals whatsoever in our Orange Oil so it’s 100% safe to use around children and animals, and it doesn’t hurt the environment.

Just as importantly, it’s incredibly effective against all of the pests which are a continual problem for Sarasota homeowners. Take ants, for example. An application of Orange Oil will kill all of the ants on your property. We’re not talking about individual ants – we’re talking about eliminating entire colonies. Even better, Orange Oil prevents re-infestation because it wipes out the residual ant scents responsible for attracting new colonies. Toxic chemicals won’t do that. Orange Oil will. It’s similarly effective against scorpions, silverfish, and other pests and insects which infest properties in Sarasota and Bradenton Counties.

This powerful organic insecticide is also the key to the peerless Earth’s Best Tentless Termite System™. We’re able to rid your house of termites using Orange Oil products without making you move out for days; there are no tents, there’s no gas, there’s no hideous smell. Homeowners swear by it, and for good reason.

Don’t Be Fooled
Other Sarasota firms offering “natural” pest control are usually just traditional, old-line companies who normally use poisonous chemicals, but now carry some organic products for their customers who ask for non-toxic treatments. These companies don’t have the experience or the knowledge to know what type of organic approaches really work, or the commitment to use only environmentally-friendly, natural pesticides. We do.

When you need to deal with insects and pests in the Sarasota area, there’s just one company which can provide effective, safe and reliable organic pest control: E

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