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Earth’s Best Pest Control now in Orlando

A nationwide homeowners’ survey done by Infogroup/ORC has shown that Florida is the state with the most pest and bug problems in the country. Of course, if you live in Orlando or Central Florida, you probably already knew that – and probably have been fighting the pest control battle for years.

You have a new ally. Earth’s Best Natural Pest Management, the original “Orange Oil” company, has expanded to the Orlando area after more than 20 successful years in Tampa Bay. Now all of Central Florida can rely on the same Earth’s Best’s organic, alternative pest control services which have worked so well for thousands of satisfied clients.

We have more than our share of pests here in Orlando. Roaches and ants, silverfish, scorpions and crickets – and needless to say, termites – seem to be everywhere. Add bees, wasps and rodents to the mix and it’s easy to see how Florida topped the Infogroup survey.

There are plenty of companies throughout Central Florida who are happy to show up at your home or business and spray toxic chemicals all over the place, without a second thought for the environment, or for the people (particularly children) and pets who would be endangered. That’s their idea of pest control.
But that’s not what we believe in.

The Earth’s Best Organic Pest Control Approach

The key factor in Earth’s Best’s method of pest control has always been our cutting-edge use of environmentally-friendly pesticides. We were the first to use a unique type of insecticide, which we call “Orange Oil.” Its base is concentrated citric acid, and it contains no chemicals. Orange Oil works wonders to control all of the pests which plague homes in Central Florida, while doing no harm to the environment. Best of all, it’s not poisonous to the children or pets in or around your house.

It may be hard to believe, but Orange Oil not only kills individual ants, it is powerful enough to wipe out an entire colony. And it works to prevent re-infestation by eliminating the scents that ants leave behind. This all-natural, organic pesticide is also able to repel many other types of insects and pests like silverfish and scorpions. And it’s the secret to the Earth’s Best Tentless Termite System™, which lets us completely eradicate termites from your home with no tents, no mess, and no need to leave the house for days.

We know there are other Orlando companies offering “organic pest control,” but usually it’s just an option they offer as an alternative to their traditional, toxic treatments. They just buy different products to use for those clients who ask for safer pesticides.

That’s not how Earth’s Best works. We believe strongly in natural, safe approaches to pest control, and we only use organic products which are safe for use around humans and animals, and safe for the environment as well. We know exactly what we’re doing with these natural pesticides – because we use them every day, on every job. And we know how well they work.

Tampa Bay has come to rely on the organic, environmentally-friendly pest and termite control services provided by Earth’s Best Natural Pest Management. And now we’re proud that we can offer Orlando and all of Central Florida the same responsible, experienced, effective service we’ve been providing for decades.

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