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If you’ve never heard of orange oil pest control – it’s time you did. It’s not only the most effective, environmentally-friendly pesticide available; it works against nearly every type of insect and pest.

What Is Orange Oil?

You obviously know what an orange is, and orange oil comes from the rind of the fruit. Also known as D-limonene, orange oil is primarily citric acid; it’s what gives oranges their familiar smell, and it’s often used in products ranging from perfume, stain removers, and various cleansers. It’s also why oranges don’t suffer the same types of pest infestations as many other fruit, since the D-limonene in their rinds repels insects.

Orange oil is used as the base ingredient in many natural pest control treatments, which is where the phrase “orange oil pest control” comes from. Earth’s Best was the first company to use this pesticide, and it’s still the basis of our green approach to eradicating pests.

Why Is Orange Oil Pest Control Effective?
In a world full of biological pesticides which don’t work very well, orange oil stands out because it wipes out or repels entire colonies, and prevents re-infestations, instead of simply killing insects individually. D-limonene is harmless to humans and pets, but deadly to most insects.

For example, one application of orange oil will destroy a full colony of ants. Then, even more importantly, its powerful scent it will eradicate the pheromone trail left behind by the ants. Re-infestation usually happens when “new” ants follow that trail back to the original ant nesting spot. But if they can’t find the pheromone trail, a new colony won’t be setting up shop in your home or business.

Orange oil is also extremely effective against termites, as the citric acid actually melts the exoskeletons of the insects, and destroys any eggs they’ve laid. That’s the reason our Earth’s Best Tentless Termite System™ is able to fully wipe out drywood termite infestations without poisonous fumigation, without tenting your home, and without forcing you to move out for days.
This natural pesticide also works against many other types of common household pests, such as scorpions and silverfish.

Why Choose Orange Oil Pest Control?
It’s relatively easy to control pests by just spraying toxic chemicals all over the place; there are lots of noxious substances which kill insects, rodents or other annoying and unwanted visitors.
Unfortunately, pests usually aren’t the only ones in an infested area. 99% of the time, humans are there, too. And if it’s a home that’s affected, there are often children and pets around. Poisonous pesticides don’t just poison pests, they poison people and small animals as well. Once upon a time, there was no viable option to the careful use of dangerous chemicals to control infestations. Now, there is – orange oil pest control, the non-toxic and effective alternative.

Additionally, awareness of the damage that pesticides can do to the environment has grown over the last few decades. One way to protect our environment is to use natural, organic approaches to pest control. Orange oil provides that socially-responsible, yet still highly-effective, option.

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