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Pests lead to restaurant closures   arrow

Three restaurants in Northwest Florida were closed in the past week from reasons starting with rodent activity and a broken urinal, all the way to live roaches and small flying insect infestations.

The Church’s Chicken on Tyndall Parkway in the Panama City area was closed on July 17th after inspectors found two high priority violations and four basic violations, according to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation report. High priority violations included the discovery of twenty live flying insects under the chicken warmer, and four roaches under the ice bin. During a follow-up inspection, fewer insects were found though. A manager removed the bugs, the report said. The restaurant reopened on July 19th.

The Oishi Thai Restaurant and Sushi Bar, which is on Lilly Street in Panama City, was closed on the eighteenth of July after inspectors determined its license was delinquent due to a change in ownership, according to the report. While in Pensacola, The Wing King, located on Pensacola Boulevard, was closed July 20th for a number of violations that were resolved by the next day. Inspectors were said to have found mold in the ice machine, flying insects in the kitchen, food preparation area, and food storage area. Food items including the potato salad, buttermilk, sour cream, and macaroni and cheese were stored at potentially hazardous temperatures, caused by the opening and shutting of the cooler too many times.

Hard rodent dropping was found across from the cooler, and yet another hard dropping was found on the shelf across form the fryers. Seven hard droppings were also found on the shelf next to the fryers according to the report. Inspectors also noted that the urinal in the men’s room didn’t flush, and a crack was found in the ceiling in the women’s room.

When the inspectors returned the next day, the rodent droppings were gone and the number of flying insects had been reduced, so the building was given time to resolve the flying insect and also given extra time to correct some plumbing problems.

If nothing else, so many restaurants suffering from the increase in bugs due to record Florida heat shows the need for a professional exterminator in the area.