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Basic tips to avoid roaches in your home   arrow


Though they aren’t the deadliest, fastest, or strongest pest animals in the world, they are the most resiliant and quite possibly one of the most detested pests in the world. Cockroaches.

Just plain annoying and disgusting in small numbers, and destructive and plague bearing in large numbers, the roach, also known as palmetto bugs in the southeast, can damage natural fibers, destroy or contaminate food supplies, or eat book bindings and other organic material.

If a roach walks over food that is later consumed, it can leave it’s filth or even spread disease. Some roach species even screte liquids that have offensive odors that can ruin even packaged food. The smell of this oil can then be transferred to dishes and flatwhere.

This goes without saying, but roach droppings also smells.

And on the far end of the allergy spectrum, there are people who are allergic to these pest insects. There have been instances where people become so allergic that they died of anaphylactic shock.

While there are dozens of species of roaches in Florida, two can be considered serious household pests.

Number one is the asian cockroach. It can be confused with the German cockroach and look very similar, but it only really lives outdoors. Their behavior is markedly different.The German is photophobic and will run from light. The Asian is attracted to lights. The German seldom flies,while the Asian is most often observed in flight when moving.

Then you have the German cockroach. The nymphs and adults have two dark stripes behind the head. Fully grown, they measure around twelve to fifteen millimeters long and are tan, and are only found inside houses and tend to congregate in the bathroom and kitchen.

There are a number of steps you can do to reduce the German roach population.

One is to not leave out your dirty dishes.

Two is to keep food in tight-fitting containers or in the fridge or freezer.

Three is to keep your pet food bowls clean and don’t leave the food out over night.

Four is to take out the garbage as many times as you reasonably can.

And five is to keep your stove, cabinets, and counter tops clean.