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Plants that mosquitoes hate!   arrow

If you live in the southeast, especially in Florida around the tampa area, then you know that mosquitos are out in droves, swarming in numbers unseen this early in the year. But, thankfully, an alternative to sprays, candles, and other traditional repellents may be rearing it’s head; and it’s plants.

Lavender is one of the new mosquito combatting plants, and while you may personally enjoy it’s light aroma, the buzzing pests are certainly not fans.

Then there’s lemongrass, not only useful in cooking recipes, it can also help to repel mosquitos from your yard. The grass also grows so quickly that it’s recommended that you keep it in it’s own pot or vase, as to stop it from overgrowing into your yard and taking over.

Cat owners may have also noticed a slight lack of mosquitos around their yard and home if they keep catnip around for their kitties, as mosquitos hate it just as much as any other member of the mint family, and can be a powerful insect repellent.

As mentioned before, peppermint is also a strong insect repellent, and pepperment oil can be found in many all natural insect repellenets.

Beautyberry is next on the list, and by rubbing it’s leaves on your skin, you can actually use it in the same way you would a bug spray. Sunken Garden’s, garden specialist, Jen Tyson says, “Scientist have actually proved that the Tocobaga, and other tribes in Florida, used these for a reason and it’s absolutely true, they do repel mosquitos.”

Rosemary may be a favorite flavoring for your chicken and pork meals, but it’s also beneficial when it comes to keeping away mosquitoes. During your next BBQ, or a simple bonfire, soak some of the plant in water and then toss it into the fire to help out with the bugs.

If you’re not too handy with a garden, there are also other methods of keeping out the pesky biters. Bat houses, or an all natural pest control company are two other methods that are great for dealing with the blood suckers.