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Irma makes mosquito problem worse for Miami   arrow

Irma was the strongest hurricane ever to form in the Atlantic, and left a lot of devistation in her path. Part of the destruction came from storm surge, rainfall, and flooding, and that will leave behind plenty of water to be the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Mosquito eggs, as most people know, need water to hatch. Some species require that to be standing water, but many also prefer floodwater. Irma provided the state with plenty of both.

At best, mosquitoes are just a blood sucking pest, but they also carry dangerous and miriade deadly diseases, and thrive in Florida even without added water.

The state is warm and wet, and in the south part of the state, where Irma hit first, the Everglades calls home. The everglades, as everyone knows, is a huge swamp.

Mosquitoes in the states of Florida carry at least nine different diseases, in cluding Zika, malaria, and West Nile virus.
Parts of Florida, like Miami, are incredibly prone to high water. Rising sea levels have caused a phenomenon called “sunny day” flooding, where the high tide can cause floods.
In recent years Miami has been working to raise its streets and install other defenses against the rising ocean.

And with it’s already horrible mosquito season, Miami now has to suffer under the brunt of a even greater swarm thanks to the everglades blowing mosquitoes out of the swamp and allowing them to have plenty of space in which to breed more.