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If you want to get rid of roaches without using harmful insecticides, I’ve got great news for you. First of all, cockroaches are something that you definitely want to take care of immediately. The reason is because they bring germs that can cause illnesses to humans.

The traditional way to get rid of these pests is through the use of insecticides. Insecticides, however, are not a sure way to get rid of these pests. They may rid your home of roaches but only temporarily. In addition, insecticides contain chemicals that may be harmful, posing hazards to family members and pets.

If cockroaches are a constant problem in your home and spraying insecticides still did not help alleviate the problem, you may want to try getting rid of these house pests without the sprays and chemicals. There are several effective ways to get rid of cockroaches without the use of insecticides.

Identify the Kind of Cockroach that Live in Your Home

There are several kinds of cockroaches and knowing what kind you have in your home will help you find the right solution. There is the German cockroach, which can mostly be found in kitchens, furnaces, ventilation areas, and other warmer places of the house. There is also the American cockroach, which is most often found in bathrooms, basements, and moist areas of the home. Then there is the Oriental cockroach, which thrives in wet areas and in places where decaying food and matter can be found. There are also the brown branded varieties, which often lives in attics, shelves, storage boxes, and even bedrooms, eating away your precious fabrics and clothes. Finally, there is the smoky brown cockroach, which usually live outdoors feeding on decaying organic matter and plants but may get themselves inside houses when they sniff a food source.

Keep Your Area Clean and Well-Sanitized

Cockroaches thrive in places where they can have a food source. Often, their food sources are those areas that are not well cleaned and sanitized, such as those areas with decaying matter, leftover food, and garbage. They do not often live in places where they can have nothing to eat. So, to get rid of them, get rid of their food sources.

Seal Cockroach Entrances Into Your Home

Outdoor roaches such as smoky brown cockroach may find themselves indoors if they smell something that may fill their stomachs. To keep them from getting inside your home, caulk and seal the areas of your house that may serve as their entryway.

You may also use glue pads to trap cockroaches that have thrived inside your home. However, whatever you do, always remember that keeping your house clean is the best way to get rid of roaches.

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