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Get Rid of Ants Using Garlic Cloves & Other Natural Household Items   arrow

There are many ways to get rid of ants in your home. There are services that will come out periodically and treat cracks and crevices around baseboards and under cupboards. However, there are plenty of natural compounds available in hardware and home improvement stores. And… there are many mixtures to keep these pests away can be made from ingredients in your kitchen as well.

If you choose to hire a professional pest control company, typically they will treat your home with an initial application that the ants take back to their nest. Some services charge a flat rate while others charge a monthly fee and come out once a month to treat problem areas. While some pest control services use chemicals that are harmful to pets and children, Earth’s Best Natural Pest Management has alternative solutions that are safer and just as effective as traditional chemical applications.

The first step to getting rid of ants is to keep anything sweet tightly covered or put away. These pests love honey, sugar, syrup and crumbs lying around on the counter. Wiping off counter tops and flat surfaces one or two times of day, with a solution of soapy water, can greatly reduce the likelihood that these pests will return. Some people recommend leaving a nightlight on for a few days, as this will disrupt their nighttime activity. These pests are more active at night, when all the lights are off.

Garlic cloves placed in strategic entry points can keep these unwanted insects from reaching their destination. Other natural substances include clove oil and peppermint oil. While these substances are used frequently for baking, not every home has them on hand. You can find suitable products in grocery stores or natural food stores. It only takes a few drops in corners or on the backside of counter tops to keep the pests away.

These picnic invaders also dislike odors that are very sour. Bitter cucumber sliced placed in strategic locations will work nicely. Lemon oil is also very helpful. It can be used in a spray bottle for the places you believe the pests are coming in or gaining entry. While it is unusual to find them in places other than the kitchen, crumbs left behind in pet food dishes may also bring the unwanted visitors. Cleaning out the leftover crumbs and putting pet food bowls away at night can also help get rid of ants.

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