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Rumors regarding shelter bed bugs swirl post Irma   arrow

Rumors had been swirling on facebook and twitter about whether or County schools that were used as shelters during and after Hurricane Irma would be clean and safe for kids when they returned to schools post-hurricane.

Well, here’s what we know for now.

Thankfully, the bed bug scare seems to be fiction. There was no real evidence of bed bugs at the County high schools, or any other schools that were called up for shelter duty as the storm crashed into the state, reported lauren stillwell, the spokeswomen for the school system.

“However, because of the concern that’s circulating and, in an abundance of caution, the school was fumigated,” she said.
The same treatment was performed at all of the other shelter schools, but because of the lack of bed bugs evidence at each of the sites, the district determined that only one application would be needed for each.

“We will continue to monitor, but are confident that East Lee County High School, and all others, are clean, safe, hygienic and ready to open Monday,” Stillwell said.
So, in short, it seems that the children of the counties impacted by the storm will be able to attend school at least, and without the worry of bed bugs.