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Bed Bugs Are Everywhere

Think you can avoid getting a bed bug infestation because you do not stay at hotel? Think again. Bed bugs can be found anywhere people go. These blood sucking creatures can be found in so many places that most people never even dream of.

For instance, restaurants have reported bed bug infestations. These critters will leave the clothing, back packs and pocketbooks of previous occupants of a restaurant seat. This means just sitting down for a nice meal may cause an infestation for you at home. Sadly, this is not the only place bed bugs can hitch a ride on us. Just watching a movie at the local theater may also create a bed bug outbreak at home. Just like a restaurant, bed bugs will leave a previous occupant waiting to hitch a ride. Once on they attach themselves to your clothing or bags, they will have a chance to go home with you to create a new colony.

But wait; there are more areas of concern. Bed bugs have also been known to infest churches, schools, cars, gym lockers, laundromats, concert halls and more. Anywhere people congregate, so do bed bugs. So, just living our everyday lives may have consequences when it comes to getting a bed bug infestation at home. Additionally, when bed bugs do infest our homes, the beds are not the only area they will seek refuge, They will nest in our nightstands, dressers, couches, coffee tables, office chairs, lounge chairs, etc. Any place in our homes can be an infestation area for bed bugs.

What can be done to prevent an infestation? Sadly, nothing is one hundred percent effective in preventing a colony from starting at home. However, there are things that can be done to help reduce the likelihood of getting an infestation. For instance, if a pocket book or backpack can be left at home instead of being brought into a potential bed bug infested area, do so. Once the outing is complete, check clothing and body for any bed bugs prior to entering your home. I know these preventative measures are not the most practical ones to achieve. At the very least, I would suggest checking your home for bed bugs as often as you can. When you change the sheets, check the bed. When you clean your house, check the furniture.

As you can see from this article, bed bugs are not just a problem for hotels. These blood sucking insects live anywhere we humans go. Consequently, just about everywhere we spend our time can be a source of an infestation.