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What is Green Pest Control?


Green pest control goes by many different names such as Organic, Safe, and Natural. Although they go by different names the primary focus is always the same. To provide safe effective pest control while protecting people, pets and the environment from harmful pesticides

 This type of pest control relies on products derived from nature. Some of these natural insecticides are made from citrus oil, rosemary oil and boric acid. And in some pest situations, even natural predators are introduced into the yard for control of some yard pests. For instance, lady bugs can be released to control insects feeding on plants. Beneficial Nematodes can feed on young fleas in the yard. Adding these beneficial predators into the yard will control the pest invasion without harming anyone but their target, your pests.

 Natural liquid insecticides are also available. A natural insecticide such as orange oil is a by-product of the orange juice industry. The rind of the orange is pressed into oil. This oil burns through an insect’s skeleton which is on the outside of its body; killing the pest on contact. At the same time, since it is derived from oranges, it becomes safer for anyone who comes in contact with it yet killing the target pest.

 Yet another green methodology is the use of baits. Insects such as ants will take the bait back into the nest killing the colony from within. This method uses the ant’s own foraging against them. Since the bait is specific to the pest being treated, it does not harm anything but the ant.

 Moreover, green pest control not only focuses on the specific pest infesting an area it also works on ways to remove what brought the pest to begin with. For instance, all insects require food water and shelter for survival. As long as these elements remain, the insect will return. By removing items stored around the home such as trash, firewood, as well as leaf debris in yard and gutters, the food source and nesting area will be removed. Hence, the likelihood of the pests returning is dramatically reduced.